About Simon

What Is The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast - A Photograph Of Me

Hello to you dear reader, my name is Simon.  I and a small team of people blog about diets and weight loss, as I know from firsthand experience just what a difference you diet means to your wellbeing and your outward appearance.

I suffered an accident several years ago and had my mobility taken away from me. I put on nearly 100 lbs over a six year period and came to the point that I did NOT want to leave my flat. For fear that I would be looked at because of my weight.

Now this all changed when a nutritionist friend drew up a meal plan for me We spent hours together and by the end of our talk, I had a lot of healthy meals to eat and a great exercise regime to follow.

At first, I was very doubtful as to whether diet and exercise would work, at all? So I just decided to try the diet and wow. Just three years later I was back to the same weight I was before my accident. I WAS AMAZED.

This is why and how I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO IT. I now am lighter and my health, skin and hair has improved just by doing those two things. Crazy but true.