Making A Strawberry Smoothie, How?

Most of us love them. But when it comes to making a strawberry smoothie, how? That is the big question. Well, in this post, we will explain just how to do it. This, along with the benefits that strawberries have for you too. We think that you will like how easy it real is to make a strawberry smoothie. You will be very happy with it.

Strawberries are so nice to eat. So, what if you could get their taste and all of their goodness in a drink, great right? Yes. It will take very little time to prepare and it will be worth the little time that it takes.

The Benefits Of Eating Strawberries

In some Asian countries, it goes by the name of “Queen of fruits.” This is because of all of its health benefits. And, by some, they are considered a superfood. As a matter of fact, the strawberry has a lot more to offer us than just its awesome flavor. A paper will show the benefits of the strawberry.

Making A Strawberry Smoothie, How, Just Like This One In The Photograph, Full Of Pink Strawberry Liquid And A Slice OF Strawberry On The Glass At The Top.

It will tell you that they help to prevent a lot of diseases including cancer. These surely are reason enough alone to start to eat/drink them.

As a matter of fact,  after you look at that paper, you will learn a lot of things about it. Which we are going to bet you did not know at all. Therefore, we want you to think of any fruit, and then look it up. Do this, so that you can learn all of the good points of eating/drinking these lovely pieces of food.

The first thing we will tell you is that they are full of antioxidants (Explained later.) The fact that they will be red is in colour is another good thing. This will mean that they are full of something called anthocyanins. (Again, explained a little further on.)

Now, because they will be red, the high amount of anthocyanins (1) is fantastic. Yet, there are more benefits to them.

  • They are very low in calories.
  • The strawberry is great for bone health.
  • Fantastic foods for weight loss.
  • Great for the health of the blood.
  • Awesome for eye health.
  • They are amazing too for the health of the skin.

This Is What The Strawberry Has In It

A Table With All Of The Nutritional Information Of A Strawberry In it.

Table Courtesy Of Healthsomeness

An Explanation Of The Benefits

Because the strawberry is so low in calories (Around 47.) They can be eaten without worrying about whether or not what you are eating is bad for your waistline. You really would have to eat a BIG amount of them to put on any weight.

As for the health of your bones, the strawberry is a foundation fruit. This is because it plays such an important role in your health. It is because they have such a high vitamin C amount in them. Crucial for their health.

A lot of research says that strawberries stimulate your metabolism and all make you feel less hungry. It goes without saying but this is really good for weight loss. They also help the weight reducing hormones work properly. As a matter of fact, they are good for the sufferer of type 2 diabetes (2). This is because the slow down the digestion of foods that are high in starch. It will help in controlling the blood sugar levels.

These Strawberry Smoothies Taste Great. There Is A Cartoon Of Two Here.


More Benefits

They are also of great benefit to our blood with blood pressure being the main concern here. The strawberries will help in relaxing the lining of the blood vessels. This means that the blood will travel a lot more freely. And will, therefore, require less effort from the heart to “Move” the blood. This is a great benefit.

For your eye health, they too are awesome.  Something that can lead to blindness in those of senior years is not going to happen if you eat these. The antioxidants that the strawberries contain help to prevent cataracts. (This is the clouding over of the eyes)

The strawberry is also a big benefit to the skin. This is because of the antioxidants and because of its high vitamin C content. (Yes vitamin C again.) Vitamin C helps in fighting the bad free radicals that are responsible for us ageing. (Among other things) They will steal oxygen from some of our healthy cells and they destroy the collagen of the skin.

Now, anthocyanins are explained right here thanks to Wikipedia.

Antioxidants are explained here.

Photograph Of A Strawberry Smoothie By A Pool.


Making A Strawberry Smoothie, How?

Now that we tell you of some of the benefits of eating/drinking strawberries. We will now move on to making a strawberry smoothie. These can be made inside of ten minutes.

What You Will Need:

  • You Will need around 12 strawberries. A Couple either way, Depending on your taste choice.
  • 1/2 a cup of LOW-FAT YOGURT.
  • 1/2 a cup of semi/Skimmed milk.
  • You need just 1/2 a cup of fresh or orange juice concentrate
  • A Cup full of ice.

Our Conclusion For Making A Strawberry Smoothie

That is it. It is all that you need in your mixture. Next you place it all in a blender and switch it on for 2-4 minutes. You will see when it is ready.


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