Raspberry Ketones Do They work

Raspberry Ketones Do They work?

Short Story: The Truth About raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones do they work? In this post, we will find out the truth about this “miracle in a bottle”. Being overweight is fast becoming the norm. In fact, in America 33% of people are overweight and a further 33% are obese. (1)

For this reason, more people are turning towards easy fixes. Furthermore, some people will try anything including pills, shakes and even starving to lose weight.

Generally speaking, natural weight loss through diet and exercise is tough, challenging and can take a long time. With this in mind, the fail rate for slimmers is 85%. (2)

It’s easy to see why people seek an easy fix, the industry have no qualms about providing it. In fact, the weight loss industry has become toxic with many people providing garbage products. Are raspberry ketones the miracle you need or just another fad?

Raspberry Ketones

What Are Raspberry Ketones

Ketones are found in kiwis, cranberries, and blackberries in small doses. However, there found in much higher concentrations in raspberries, hence the name.

Ironically, the supplement form of ketones you find for weight loss is not from raspberries. Namely, because it’s so expensive to make them from the fruits its self.

In fact, these ketones have no fruit in them what so ever they are just a man made synthetic and NOT natural. Because they are packaged and marketed as fruit extract they can be very appealing.

On the other hand, their name can be confused with another popular weight loss diet, ketosis. Because the name is similar to an effective diet people think ketones is just as effective.

Therefore knowing the difference is crucial, as ketones have nothing to do with controlled low-calorie diet.

Raspberry Ketones Do They Work

Research is extremely thin around raspberry ketones. In fact, I can only find studies done on rats. Studies in rats will show that it raises the hormone adiponectin.  Adiponectin is believed to play a part in weight loss and thin people have higher levels than fat people.

Although this may be true, the doses were excessive in the rats and no studies were done on humans.

People with lower levels of adiponectin (overweight) are at higher risks of developing serious health conditions. Including, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

The good news is you can easily raise this hormone in as little as a week by eating healthy and exercising.

Because the popularity of ketones it’s no wonder some people have lost weight. However, we don’t know if the individual was exercising or dieting.

In either case, there is no science to back up the claims of synthetic ketones. Just because Dr Oz or your friends lost weight taking them doesn’t mean they work.

More About D. Oz

By and large, Dr Oz is shrouded in controversy. Being the face of weight loss on T.V he builds a lot of trust with his audience, after all, he is a Doctor.

Raspberry ketones become insanely popular when he announced this product on his show. Like most products he produces and markets. ultimately this has brought him a lot of attention, not just the good kind.

Dr Mehmat Oz has produced and marketed lots of “miracle fat burners” with little to no scientific research behind it. This, however, has landed him in trouble with the Senate and the university board.

As a consequence of his products and claims, 10 physicians penned a letter to remove him from the university. Moreover, the physicians believe Dr Oz discredits the teachings and practices at Columbia University.

See below what they had to say.

As is often the case with Oz’s spiel, there will be a nugget of truth in what he says. Much of that also will be irrelevant to the substance of their campaign, which is that Oz, a licensed physician who assiduously spotlights his relationship with Columbia to burnish his own credibility, pushes unproven and even potentially dangerous therapies, treatments and health choices to his listeners.

Also, see the video below when he faced the Senate.

Alternatives to Raspberry Ketones

When looking for alternatives to raspberry ketones we recommend two plans. Firstly, we have the 3-week diet system. secondly, we recommend the leptin diet.

The 3-week diet system

In essence, the 3-week diet is more of a personal approach to weight loss. As a matter of fact, this diet plan uses your body’s metrics for ultimate fat burning. Yet, it doesn’t require you to starve like most diets do.

Although you do reduce calories the 3-week diet system teaches what food to eat at the right times to stay in control of your hunger.

By opting for this diet you could lose up to 23lbs in just 21 days. See our full review by clicking the link below.

——> 3-week diet system <——

Leptin diet

The leptin diet is more of a lifestyle change than an actual diet. The way these diet works is through your bodily hormones. Most notably, leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that is responsible for your eating patterns. Provided that your leptin signals are working properly you will maintain a healthy weight. To put it differently, your leptin levels tell you when to stop eating and when to start.

To put it differently, your leptin levels tell you when to stop eating and when to start. However, when you are overweight this system breaks and you don’t know when to stop eating. Once your leptin system is broken you become leptin resistant.

At this point losing weight becomes very difficult even with dieting and exercise. The leptin diet resets your bodies natural fat fighter and restores hormonal balance. The leptin diet is a protein-rich diet that is renowned for quick natural weight loss.

You can see our full review here ——–> Leptin resistance diet plan 

Final Word On Raspberry Ketones Do They Work?

The first thing to remember, just because a Dr. on T.V or your friends recommend it doesn’t mean it works. Fad products rely on your friends and trusted sources to build hype.

Secondly, to date, there is no evidence or research to back up any claims of weight loss in humans. It is possible for people to lose weight whilst on ketones but this is more likely due to exercise or diet.

Lastly, there are better ways to lose weight, read our reviews on our two recommendations. There cheaper healthier and science backed.

Don’t waste your money on another fad product with outlandish claims. We would love to hear your thoughts on raspberry ketones do they work. Just leave a comment in the box below.

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