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What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?

Those of us who see ourselves as needing to lose weight keep asking what is the best weight loss diet. And in this post, I am going to answer it for you. I will give you 3 of the best diets out there at the moment. And we will let you choose to read more by clicking on the link.

However, you may have some confusion though, as to which one to go for. So we need you to read carefully. As in the long run. It will be easier for you to stay on the diet. This is very important.

Although, you must always keep in mind that dieting is not going to lose all of your weight by itself. No, you  MUST do an exercise or an activity that raises your heart rate as well. Essentially, there is no point whatsoever in doing one without the other. This is a FACT.

Dieting is very much up to the individual. So the list below this will be in no particular order.

What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet, The Diets Below Are Great But Do As This Photo Will Suggest. Some Exerciser

Choose The Best Diet For You

As I say, it will be very important that you stay on the diet and complete it.  Therefore, choose the best diet for you. Try to be sure that it suits you. Both in how many meals it allows you to eat, and the kind of foods you can eat too. These are two points to be aware of.

This diet has its name from a Doctor Robert C. Atkins. He would write a book on the diet in the early 70’s. The Atkins Diet will have its design through some scientific study. It is all about lowering a person’s carb‘ intake. (To 20 grams).Per day. In what they will call “Phase 1”. Basically, you are preparing your body to be a fat burning machine. (This is where lowering how many cabs you will  have is key).

It will show better weight loss than many low-fat diets. And it will show good improvements in the good cholesterol HDL and in blood sugar as well. Two great positives I am sure you will agree?

The Atkins diet will work especially well if your goal is to lose 14lbs (7 kg -1 stone or more).

All in all, you will not have any disappointment when you try this diet out. (1)


More To Answers To What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet

The aim of this diet is for you to have good heart health and to lose some weight too. The South Beach Diet company will claim that most people will lose 8-13 lbs in the first 2-weeks. And from then on if you follow the diet. You will lose 1-2 lbs per week.

The normal American diet does not contain a lot of protein but contains a lot of carbs instead. When you do this diet, those factors are opposite. You eat a lot of protein and you lower the number of carbs that you will have.

This is a great diet for the short-term weight loss. But what about the long term.? Well, well, let us tell you. Over half the people manage to keep the weight from coming back. But ultimately, we will let you decide. (2)


So what is the best weight loss diet? Well, this could be. As the aim of this diet is to make things a simple as they can be.  A part of this WILL BE because you have to  BUY your foods from Nutrisystem. But, do not worry though, as they will deliver them right to your door. So it is no trouble at all. In fact, this is why simplicity is their aim.

You will then eat your breakfast, lunches and dinners that they will give you. However, you are allowed to add some fresh fruit or vegetables to go with your meals. (3)

The program is for 28 days.

And please, do NOT FORGET that you can add various fruits, vegetables and fresh meats to go with the foods that they will offer you. Nutrisystem will even show you a list of CAN HAVE. 

A Burger In A Bun With A Tape Measure Around It. Stay Away From These Kinds Of Foods!


What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet? Well, Do Not Forget Exercise

However, as I say,  you may or may not be aware of this next point that we make.  Diet alone will just not be good enough on its own. You will definitely lose some weight by dieting, of course.  Although, no-where near as much weight will be lost than when you have an exercise or activity that goes along with it.

If you would like a very cheap but great diet book, read the reviews before you consider its purchase. Go here.

And when we say the word exercise. Well, we do NOT MEAN THAT YOU  HAVE TO THE GYM OR ON A TREADMILL, EXERCISE BIKE OR ROWING MACHINE. No, it can be something as simple as a friendly game of tennis or shooting some hoops. Any sport or activity that will get your heartbeat up to around 140+ beats a minute. As this is when your body will enter the fat burning mode.

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